Knuckle Kiss - Tangle Earrings - Silver
Knuckle Kiss - Tangle Earrings - Silver

Knuckle Kiss - Tangle Earrings - Silver

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We're not afraid of a little mess. The modern Tangle Earrings are formed into twisting and turning three-dimensional shapes that will shake up your look.

Each earring is one-of-a-kind, creating a subtle asymmetrical look within each pair. While these earrings pack a visual punch, they’re surprisingly lightweight. You may forget you have them on and wonder at the fascinated looks thrown your way.

  • Sterling silver
  • Approx. 1-1/8” (2.86 cm) long
  • Sterling silver posts and ear backs

Knuckle Kiss Jewelry is handcrafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques by designer and maker Angela Delarmente in her Seattle home studio. The collection features sculptural and geometric-inspired pieces pared down to essential lines and shapes. Angela is inspired by metal’s ability to transform from a humble, earthly material into items of emotional and symbolic value. She chose the name “knuckle kiss” for its double meaning: A knuckle kiss is a punch in the mouth, but also a kiss on the hand. These contrasting hard and soft images are the spirit behind the brand’s modern metal designs.

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