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The Work of Kari Breitigam

The Work of Kari Breitigam

Kari Breitigam is a multidisciplinary artist, dyer, and jeweler whose current studio work focuses on fiber/textile art and oil painting. She has an MFA in Painting from Indiana State University and a BFA in Drawing and Painting, with a minor in Textiles and Clothing from Ohio State University; combining her education with her practice. Kari explains that her artwork feeds into her jewelry and vice versa, “Sometimes I sketch out designs but mostly I experiment a lot, just playing around with materials and seeing what comes of it.”

Kari Breitigam in her studio

Kari Breitigam's Sketches

Kari launched her jewelry and accessories line in 2013, creating limited edition designs, which explore the use of fiber, clay, and metal. She notes, “I aim to create high-quality statement pieces that are simple, sophisticated, and unique. All works are created by hand and with care in small quantities so that each piece is special. The inspiration for my accessories often comes from the design, materials, and craftsmanship of the work of ancient cultures for the sense of timeless regality they embody. I find comfort in the warmth and beauty of natural fibers and textiles, and I strive to bring that sense of comfort to my work and draw attention to the raw beauty of the materials used to create it.”


Pile of Necklaces

We love the simple modern lines of her pieces and importantly that they have a hand feel to them and are created in small quantities in Houston, Texas making each piece super special. “My process is very direct and my materials are relatively simple so I feel that my hand is very apparent in everything that I create. No two pieces are ever exactly the same.” Discover them now.


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