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7 outfits... 7 days in Tokyo...

What to wear when you’re walking the streets of Tokyo in June?

These were my pics from my Spring Summer 19 collection. Think I nailed it... and I can’t tell you how perfect my orange pants are for a 13 hour plane ride then straight for Goyza with friends...

And thank you TRUNK (HOTEL) , such a cool but yet zen place to lay my head at night. Although, had to get out of my bed for crystal the craziest pretty DJ beats !!!

Oh the Getting TRUNK is the best cocktail I have had in years !!! And I am a drinker :)

Hope to be back soon to do a trunkshow at the Trunk ss2019.

Tokyo ladies here we come!

Tokyo Outfit 1
Tokyo Outfit 2
Tokyo Outfit 3
Tokyo Outfit 4
Tokyo Outfit 5
Tokyo Outfit 6
Tokyo Outfit 7


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