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7 Questions with Maren Lord

7 Questions with Maren Lord

Maren Lord is a familiar face to Meg babes being one of our original models. We caught up with her today after another shoot and asked her 5 questions plus a bonus round! Follow her at @marenlord

Samantha Safer: Tell us about yourself? 

Maren Lord: I am a professional actress and my other career is face of Meg! I am in a new show which airs on HBO in September by The Wire's creator David Simon called The Deuce. Excited and nervous to see it.

I love to bike around town and love to drink apple cider vinegar in the morning. Another love is cooking and enjoying that food with my friends as well as traveling even when I can't afford it. I'm taking another trip to Barcelona this summer.

SS: You are on a photoshoot, what do you always want?

ML: Coffee and Heidi as my photographer.
Authors note - Heidi Systo is Meg's photographer as well as our eCommerce and Social Media Manager - a lady with many hats.

SS: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

ML: All my high-waisted jeans! I am one of those people that feel more comfortable in pants than dresses. A particular pair that I love is a vintage Levi's number. The thick denim allows you to sit on the street or the grass and bike around without worrying about them breaking like newer jeans.

SS: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

ML: Dog! Love big dogs and grew up with a rottweiler named Riesen like the chewy chocolate caramels.

SS: Coffee or Tea?

ML: Coffee, with milk no sugar.

SS: What is your top destination for traveling?

ML: Barcelona, Spain. The neighborhoods are all so different and you can get lost very easily and explore each little community. If anyone is planning on visiting, I would ensure you learn some Spanish and try to talk to as many locals as you can - they are the nicest people and always ready to practice their English.

SS: As an avid biker, what are your top tips?

ML: 1. Wear a helmet
      2. Be Aggressive, very aggressive


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