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5 Questions: Juliana Fenelli

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  • By Samantha Safer
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5 Questions: Juliana Fenelli

First in our series asking our fab models 5 quick questions

Fresh from Orlando, Florida, lovely Juliana Fenelli hung out in the Meg Shop studio after our shoot to answer our 5 questions. 

Samantha Safer: Tell us about yourself? 

Juliana Fenelli: I'm 19 and new to modelling. I was scouted at a mall in Orlando (I know!). I was just walking around and approached and here I am. I moved to New York a month ago and LOVE that you do not have drive; not driving is everything to me!

SS: What is your favourite item in your wardrobe? 

JF: Well, currently this big cosy scarf I’m wearing because I’m freezing! In all seriousness these black jeans with ripped knees that I am wearing. Even though they are extra long they are still short on me but I kind of like that. I also made the wholes bigger, I am a skater girl at heart.

SS: You are on a photoshoot, what do you always want? 

JF: Snacks, snacks and more snacks! In particular sweet snacks and water. There is never enough water on shoots at least not as much as you would like.  

SS: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

JF:1000% cat person. Dogs are cool and all but cat’s are badass in comparison.  

SS: Coffee or Tea? 

JF: Coffee! Black coffee all the way. 


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