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5 Questions: Hailey Moran

5 Questions: Hailey Moran

Hailey Moran pops into Meg to shoot our new arrivals and answers our 5 questions. Follow her at @hailey.ebeth

 Samantha Safer: Tell us about yourself?

HM: I am a natural model and actor originally from LA, trying to create art that represents people of diverse backgrounds, sizes, and ideologies.

SS: You are on a photoshoot, what do you always want?

HM: Good natural light, killer heels, and the glam squad!

SS: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

HM: A denim shirt. It's a Levi’s one, masculine but can be put over anything. Love it.

SS: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

HM: DOGS ! I especially love puppies.

SS: Coffee or Tea?

HM: Tea. I lived in London for a little while and got hooked on ‘builders tea’ – English breakfast with a little cream, little sugar.


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