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5 Questions: Casey Levy

5 Questions: Casey Levy

Casey Levy who modeled for us in our Spring '17 campaign, pops into Meg for another shoot and answers our 5 questions over lunch.

Samantha Safer: Tell us about yourself?

Casey Levy: I was passionate about becoming a fashion designer in middle school due in large part to Anna Sui who was this amazing icon from afar and originally from Michigan where I hail from. It also happened that she was my best friend’s Aunt. We would pour over the imagery coming out from her catwalks; she had the best models on her runway from Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell to Linda Evangelista, Helena Christensen and more recently Lily Cole, Karlie Kloss. Always thought that I would be behind the scenes in fashion and not in front of the camera; that changed a little over a year ago when I moved to NY to attend New York University. I was basically scouted by and through my orientation leader, she introduced me to my first agent and the rest is history.

SS: What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?

CL: My New favorite is your Dolman shirt. I would be wearing it today but it had to finally go into the laundry! For nostalgia, my favs are all the Chloe and designer buys from eBay that I have bagged. I would be obsessed with the looks in fashion advertising – they became my dream dresses and tops– and when they first came out were unattainable for me but nine years later you could bid on them and they became mine for like a hundred bucks.

SS: You are on a photoshoot, what do you always want?

CL: Food, heels that actually fit and kittens (we had a shoot today with kittens). I also want more shoots abroad so I can travel. Modeling has allowed to me visit Italy, France, and the UK.

SS:Are you a dog person or a cat person?

CL: Dog! Defo dogs can’t lie. Have a pup back home in Michigan so I can’t do him wrong!

SS: Coffee or Tea?

CL: Coffee, one of the things I love most in life.


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