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Meghan Kinney the head designer behind the clothing label "meg" is known for her clean lines and feminine designs. Her loyal clientele have been shopping her charming boutiques throughout North America for years now, creating quite a cult following for everything from her suits to her dresses. The versatile and timeless pieces she creates seem to fit any urban girls' wardrobe needs, from formal party dresses to Sunday brunch play suits she does it all.

A graduate of the fashion Institute of Technology in both pattern making and fashion design Meg really started her career on 7th avenue. During and after school she went to work with the best young designers of the early nineties such as Christian Francis Roth, Randolph Duke and Byron Lars. It was while working with Lars that Meghan received enough encouragement to launch her own line.

Inspired by the lines of dance, Meg's pieces always allude to the most feminine parts of the female form. The lines of her pieces are always clean, non fussy and tailored to highlight the curves of all women. Sensuality and femininity are at the core of all of her designs, the clothes are never boring, for each piece has its own wit and charm not to mention versatility.

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